Budget friendly essential oils for your home, office and sacred space.

It has been an incredibly heavy few years, and 2022 being just as challenging for some of us as 2020 and 2021. Its time for us to thrive, to pull those shackles of survival mode off and allow ourselves the grace of living and thriving.

I know with the interest rates and all the instability going on with the economy it can be extremely hard to allow ourselves to indulge in self-care, so I want to remove that word from self-care entirely; you are not indulging when you allow yourself self-care and love, self-care is one hundred percent necessary to recharge, unwind and prioritise yourself.

With all that said, I wanted to share my favourite, budget friendly pure essential oils for your home, office and sacred space, that you may add to your rituals and sacred spaces.



Yessss, zesty, wonderful, trusty lemon essential oil has far more uses than even I sometimes comprehend. Its a must have in your arsenal, best of all, its extremely affordable and easy to access all year around.

Highly uplifting, lemon essential oil has lovely anti-depressing & anti-anxiety properties which help to boost energy levels. Placing a few drops of lemon essential oil into your diffuser helps to life stagnant energies. 

Lemon is awesome for the pregnant mama's out there too, a few drops on a tissue and inhale as needed for nausea.


Ahhh cedarwood, my personal favourite essential oil of allllll of the essential oils. A truly mesmerising earthly, woody scent to ground your intentions; an especially wonderful ally when you want to get creative or get your yoga flow on.

It has antidepressant, anti-inflammatory and uplifting notes to help you when you're feeling a little down. Add a few drops of this to your diffuser and you'll be feeling inspired.


Peppermint essential oil truly does know how to get the blood pumping, a stimulating oil to help one find concentration and stability, especially where deadlines are concerned - I've used my fair share of peppermint when I've had to write essays or hand in assignments under a deadline. A necessity to your work space, you'll be feeling all kinds of productive when you diffuse peppermint essential oil.

Also a powerful plant ally for your achy, sore muscles too, add a few drops to a massage oil of your choice (I highly recommend almond oil if you have some, but some olive oil will work wonders too).

Peppermint is one of the key ingredients in our headache blend too, this is due to its powerful analgesic properties, so if you suffer from severe headaches and migraines, you can sniff this versatile oil straight out of the bottle for instant relief.

Sweet Orange

This oil is a must have for times where we feel flat and unmotivated, when we feel overwhelmed, and like every thing is a bit too much. Sweet orange is a gentle and soothing tonic for the nerves, to uplift, and promote a positive frame of mind and a kindness to our selves.

Physically sweet orange is an anti-inflammatory, which is why it may help with digestive discomfort, aches and pains as well as acne. 

Use sweet orange with some distilled or white vinegar for a home made general purpose spray - it smells so fresh.


 Those are my personal most used budget friendly essential oils, each one as wonderful as the last, and just as useful. I highly recommend adding these powerful plant ally's to your essential oil list, and self-care rituals.

Lex x


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