My heart aches

What an insane, crazy & overwhelming time. We are all collectively going through every little thing that is occurring right now, we are all aching, hurting, feeling.

I've been finding it harder and harder to find words as this year unfolds; I am trying to be strong but I find my heart heavy, and my spirit isn't sparkling like usual. I am hurting, hurting with everyone, with you. I am here, listening, and feeling everything.

I've found relief in small yoga sessions, bedtime meditations, regular baths and our heal roller, and generally allowing myself to feel these things, and sit with this mish-mash of emotions.

Why am I sharing this, you might be asking? So you know I see you, I'm sitting here with you, sending my love to you, that we can suffer through this together, and come out the other side, knowing a side of our humanity that we haven't before.

I am writing this so you know that its okay to be unproductive, and if the only thing you did today was survive, I'm proud of you.

So much love & so much light, Lex.

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