Custom and personalised orders. Yes, we do custom orders! I can make you a personalised massage oil, roller or mist. Please get in contact with me for any of your aromatherapy needs. Price will reflect custom order.

Can I send my bottles back to you so they may be reused? Yes, you absolutely can! I offer a 5% discount when bottles are returned. All bottles and jars are cleaned & sterilized for your safety.

How do I use your roller blends? It is best to roll these on your temple, wrists and feet pressure points. For quick relief I personally find rolling this onto hands and rubbing together and inhaling is a beautiful and fast way to benefit from our rollers.

Where can I use the mists? I recommend using them on your yoga mat, body & on your bed as a linen/pillow mist. 

Can you make blends for animals? Yes of course! We love animals, and we are happy to provide you with a blend to suit your smaller furry family members. We don't currently have a line of animal safe products on our store because your pets vary so much! We feel it is safer to do personal orders so I can make sure the blend is of appropriate strength for your beloved pets.

Gift wrapping and packaging. If this is a gift please let us know and we will ensure it is appropriately wrapped to suit the occasion.

Are essential oils safe during pregnancy? Not all essential oils should be used during pregnancy; oils like lavender, citrus oils like lemon and bergamot are safe, whilst the essential oils of jasmine and clary sage can cause early contractions and shouldn't be used till your due date. I am happy to personalise blends to ensure the safety of you and your little ones to be.