It all started when I had my son - I was sick of having to use products that contained numbers for ingredients, my anxiety was through the roof, I was tired, my soul was tired, and so was my self-love routine. I always have had a massive interest in natural health and healing, but I was never sure how to put two and two together - then I was introduced to essential oils and Aromama Apothecary bloomed from my constant late night manifesting whilst up for feeds with my son.
It all started from humble beginnings: to create simple products, with an ingredient list we could read and understand. Since 2017, Aromama Apothecary has become more focused on self-care and the rituals that surround this sacred practise that we all deserve more of.
Aromatherapy helps me to manage my anxiety, it forces me to put time aside for myself, to love myself and to care for myself. All of the products I create are filled with so much love so you may take the time in your crazy schedule to love yourself. Something as simple as moisturising before bed, rolling some essential oil goodness on your wrist when you start your day can make for a much more positive daily experience. Slow-down, you are worth your own time,
Lex x