Clay Oil Burner


There is something so comforting about a burner with your favourite scent in the winter months, to remind you of what feels like home. Now available in two glazes.

Beautiful and earthy, these clay oil burners pair so well with our diffuser blends, and look lovely in your sacred space.

Made in two seperate parts, bowl is removable for easy refill and cleaning. 

To use: Add some water into the dish and burn with a tea-light candle, add a few drops of your chosen diffuser blend. You can also use your favourite Mist as well, mist a few times into bowl to enjoy.

Every single oil burner has been lovingly made by hand, because of this, every one is slightly different and beautifully unique. Expertly hand-crafted by Black Shed Pottery.

Burners do get hot whilst burning, do not touch whilst burning, and never leave oil burner unattended.


Only 2 pieces in stock!

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