Immunity Roller


This powerful blend of essential oils aids one's immunity and offers extra support in times when we need it the most.

Clove contains antioxidants and may help bring relief to respiratory conditions. Ginger helps to calm, soothe, and helps one with fatigue. May Chang gives a well-needed boost to energy levels, may also help relieve respiratory illness. Niaouli supports your respiratory system whilst helping with aches and pains.

To use:

roll onto temples, wrists, and feet as needed - can roll directly onto the area where discomfort is occurring.


clove, ginger, may chang, and niaouli essential oils in sweet almond oil

DISCLAIMER: DO NOT use if pregnant, always consult your healthcare provider before using any product with essential oils. I would recommend patch testing this before use to see if it causes irritation. Avoid contact with eyes. If symptoms persist, seek help from your healthcare provider. Avoid if one has an almond allergy as this product contains almond oil.

This product is free from artificial fragrances, dyes, preservatives, parabens, and is vegan-friendly.


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