Mother Gaia Candle


Wonderful Mother Gaia, these candles are a stunning blend of pure essential oils and natural soy wax to create a calming atmosphere for all things self-care.

Our Mother Gaia candles have a grounding, earthy and floral scent to uplift and inspire. Sandalwood is a wonderful essential oil for creative endeavours, beautifully uplifting for the senses. Frankincense is grounding, calming; an expert in helping one to hone their intentions, especially with creative endeavours, and loving forms of movement such as yoga and meditation. Rose is a nurturing essential oil, it cradles us in times of stress and hardship. Rose helps us to find our inner strength and solidifies our inner love for ourselves.

Made especially for us by the wonderful Love Maddy NZ with our pure essential oils.

Ingredients: sandalwood, frankincense and rose essential oils, soy wax.

Only 2 pieces in stock!

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