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Palo Santo Stick

These Palo Santo sticks are sourced from the growers so they may make a sustainable living from their sacred Palo Santo trees. It is sourced from naturally fallen branches that have been on the ground from 4 to 10 years!

Palo Santo is a fantastic energy and space cleanser and is beneficial for those who are looking for creative energy. Because it is a powerful mood uplifter it helps those who suffer from anxiety and emotional trauma. Palo Santo has a beautiful citrus woody scent and is the perfect addition to your meditation rituals.

To use light one end and let burn for 30-60 seconds, blow out and bathe your home, your crystals or yourself in the sacred smoke; call upon the sacred spirit of the Palo Santo tree to cleanse you and your space.

Available in bundles of 1 & 3.


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