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Treat a loved one (or yourself) to one of our lovingly curated gift packages. The perfect gift for a friend or family member who needs a little pick-me-up. Everything is boxed and wrapped with a wee handwritten card & a whole lot of love.

Mini Skincare Gift Package $29:  Sunrise + Sundown oil Mini's & Solar Toner Mist

A lovely wee gift for the skincare lover in your life. Sunrise is the perfect oil for your morning skincare routine. Tones & cleanses whilst nourishing your skin. It Will leave you feeling refreshed and ready for the day. Sundown, sister to our popular Sunset oil, this beautiful blend of essential oils in our very own solar infusions aids to repair and moisturize your skin just before bed. Non-comedogenic, our Sundown oil won't leave your skin feeling oily. Solar is a loving and gentle blend of 100% natural floral waters to cleanse, tone, and hydrate your face & body, lovely and fresh. 100% natural, toxin-free & vegan-friendly skincare goodness. Add a wee message for that nice little touch of love.

Mini Roller Gift Package $39: 10ml Calming Roller, 10ml Mindrevive roller & Sweet Slumber Mist

The perfect wee pick-me-up for a loved one! Our rollers are super popular, our Calming is a lovely grounding blend to chill you right out, Mindrevive gives you a wee boost to get through the day - perfect for on the go or in the office! Sweet Slumber mist is a gentle blend of essential oils to ease you into a restful night's sleep, & smells divine.

Medium Gift Package $49: 10ml Calming Roller, 10ml Mindrevive roller, Sunrise + sundown oil mini's and a 3 pack of our 100% cotton scrubbies 

A lovely package of self-love and care for a friend of family member - 100% natural goodness with pure essential oils.

Large Gift Package $75:  10ml Calming roller, 10ml Mindrevive roller, Sunrise + Sunset oil Mini's, Yellow clay mask + Rosewater mist & our popular Healing Balm.

A wonderful gift to say 'Thank you!' or 'Sorry I can't be there', packed with a lot of love. 100% natural essential oil goodness to help your giftee have the perfect self-care ritual.

  1. Choose a gift package
  2. If you would like a wee card, feel free to add a lovely message of your choice below
  3. Make sure you checkout with THEIR address
  4. Receive many thanks for such an amazing gift!

DISCLAIMER: Always consult your healthcare provider before using any product with essential oils. I would recommend patch testing this before use to see if it causes irritation. DO NOT INGEST. DO NOT use these products if you have an allergy to beeswax or almond oil.


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