Serenity Incense
Serenity Incense

Serenity Incense

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Our Serenity incense blend contains Intuitively picked botanicals to envelop you with a feeling of calm and abundance. This stunning blend of flower allies will open you to a higher level of self-care and luck whilst pushing negativity out of your space.

Chamomile - In folklore, known as the "lucky flower", chamomile is known to invite good luck and tidings into one's space, allowing abundant energy to flow and wards one from negative energy or psychic attacks.

Rose - alleviates anxieties, and allows loving energy to flow. If you are in need of love from within, rose has a beautifully uplifting vibration, allowing positive energy to flow whilst pushing negative energy out.

Calendula - Attributed to the sun, this gorgeous flower friend emanates good luck, success, and wealth.

Infused with amethyst, rose quartz, clear quartz, and the essential oils of lavender and cedarwood.


While I genuinely believe in the metaphysical healing powers of Gaia, I do not guarantee any specific results with the use of this product.