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Tea Tree Essential Oil


Tea Tree essential oil is widely known for its incredible antibacterial, antifungal, and analgesic properties.

Commonly used to treat acne, heal wounds and inflammation, dandruff, odours and oily skin. 

Tea tree essential oil is an incredible all-rounder for your home and can be used as an all-purpose cleaner, mould killer or you can use it to freshen up your laundry!

How to use:

Place 2 - 5 drops into diffuser or candle burner, place into your bath, place some drops in a bowl when you shower. Add a few drops to your washing machine for extra fresh clothes!


100% Pure Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil

10ml dropper bottle

DISCLAIMER: DO NOT use if pregnant, always consult your healthcare provider before using any product with essential oils. I would recommend patch testing this before use to see if it causes irritation. Avoid contact with eyes. DO NOT apply straight onto skin, ensure essential oil is diluted prior to topical use.

This product is free from artificial fragrances, dyes, preservatives, parabens, and is vegan-friendly.

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